3 Best Underwear Brand for FTM Transgender Men


Located in Hong Kong, JOCKMAIL is a company that produce underwear with high-quality and many different styles. It main produce sports series underwear. JOCKMAIL underwear is great for exercise, because it is very comfortable. The pocket of JOCKMAIL is also very friendly to people who like sports. An important thing I want to mention is that not all underwear of JOCKMAIL is made for packing. There are also some standard and non-packing underwear made by JOCKMAIL company. If you cannot find its store on the street, online store is also a great choice for you. Choose styles and colors online, you can also ask customer service for help. JOCKMAIL is a Hong Kong-based underwear brand, so the size runs different from the US size. It is smaller than US size. Unfortunately, JOCKMAIL is not the right choice for some guys, especially big guys. So, Guys with the size more than 38 may feel uncomfortable with JOCKMAIL underwear. But fortunately, there are many other brands for different hookup people to choose from, especially for transgender people who are seeking ts dating.

The biggest difference between SPEAKEASY BRIEFS and other brands is that all SPEAKEASY BRIEFS underwear have a a zippered pocket. SPEAKEASY BRIEFS is the most creative brand that is friendly to transgender men. SPEAKEASY BRIEFS only makes one style, boxer briefs with solid color. What's more, the color option of its underwear is also limited. Black, red and turquoise are common color options of SPEAKEASY BRIEFS. SPEAKEASY is comfortable for most men especially transgender men. It is a creative and comfortable brand for transgender men to choose from. Be different from JOCKMAIL, it has the full range of sizes, so it is friendly for people with different sizes, especially big guys. The pocket of SPEAKEASY underwear is larger than Jockmail. To be honest, SPEAKEASY is also a great choice for most guys. There is a zipper on Speakeasy pocket, so there is nothing different your packer to fall out. Just try this and go for a tranny date.

I bought a pair of TRUHK underwear several days ago. To be frank, its design looked a little bit strange at first. Now, I know it is a popular style in the underwear world. You will find you are not the only guy with special underwear like this, because it is welcomed by more ad more guys. The TRUHKs are made from bamboo, they are softer than ordinary material. It is a special design with special material, this makes RODEOH different from other underwear brands. This is my real experience, so I want to recommend it to other transgender men here. I've tried different models of this brand, it is more comfortable than most brands that I used before. In fact, the three brands above are great choice for transgender men. They are comfortable and affordable for transgender men like me. If you have some other brands to share with transgender men, you can also write online to introduce them one by one. As transgender men, we need more advice from both transgender people and non-transgender people.