3rder Can Help Us Get What We Want

My husband and I had known each other for a long time when we were kids. Ten years ago, we started to date and everything is pretty good when we are together. So, we decided to get married three years ago. After our marriage, we lived a normal life.

One day, my husband went out with one of his best friend to have fun. And when he came home, he asked me whether I could agree to have a three way with them. He told me that his friend said it was just for fun. And he thought it would spicy our relationship up. I wasn’t sure about it because I knew that his friend is fancied me for a while. I didn’t know why my husband would be convinced to allow him to join us in the bed. For our marriage, I refused to have a three way with this guy and promised that we could find someone for a three way on a threesome app. Of course, he agreed with me.

Then we downloaded a couples dating app named 3Somer and placed a profile as a couple. It didn’t go well at first since the design of this threesome hookup app was complicated and we didn’t know how to get started. After figuring it out, we nearly lost our passion to find a 3rd partner. So, we just randomly chose one girl and invite her to a hotel room to have a threesome with us. It didn’t meet our need. My husband didn’t like her. And I was not a bisexual. So, the process wasn’t as good as we thought it would be. In the end, that girl left awkwardly and even angrily. But it wasn’t our fault.

After that, we reconsidered our plan and realized that 3Somer wasn’t good for us. So, we started to check other feeld app in this market. 3rder came into our sight. We have done a research on it and decided to join it to find a woman for a couple. We created a personal profile and started to browse others’ profiles. I have to say that 3rder is much easier than 3Somer and it works better than any dating apps that we’ve used. Soon, we met a woman and my husband kinda liked her. In order to avoid any awkward moment when we are having a three way, we chatted for a while before it about some rules and boundaries. It turned out that a greater dating app for married couples and a talk could really make a threesome more successful.

Why BBW dating is popular in UK?

As the development of the Internet, online dating has became a popular way to chat and date with people all over the world. It's easy for most of people to make friends with others through online dating app, but things go differently for a small part of people. This part of people need someone special, and BBW dating site is designed for this kind of people. Curvy dating is so popular now, especially in UK. Do you want to know the reason? just follow my steps.

1. The United Kingdom is a free country without many restrictions. People here can live as they like. You can easily find almost all kinds of women here, no matter slim or fat, big or small.

2. The United Kingdom is a mixture of different culture and different people. With different culture and people from all over the world, UK provides people with many opportunities to meet the right one they want. No matter what your beauty standard is, you can really find someone that really match you in the UK.

3. Adele, a popular singer in the UK, she is one of the fat girls. Without great body shape, she is famous for her beautiful voice and get great success in both career and family. Influenced by Adele, fat girls in UK become more and more confident.

4. Another reason is the eating habits of the UK. There are so many fast food restaurants in the UK, and people tend to get fatter and fatter by eating fast food. Most of people here are overweight, so they want to find someone who have the same eating habits with them. We can easily find that more and more fat men and women succeed in finding their life partners through BBW dating site.

5. There are many activities and events for BBW dating in the UK. People from all over the world can join in and have a date with someone they like. It's a great opportunity for big sized men and women to find a life partner.

6. UK is a country with sound social security system. Some special organizations help fat people in their daily life, since there are so many people are overweight in the UK.

7. BBW dating is popular in the United Kingdom, because big girls and their admires there are very pround of their big culture. They show their BBW dating culture to the world and attract attentions from all over the world.

8. UK is a great place for you to experience something new and different, since it is a country with different culture and people. People are open-minded here, dating and living with these people can be comfortable and easy. For these reasons, UK attracted many big women and their admires from all over the world.

BBW dating is a platform for everyone, no matter fat or slim. If you really want to find someone to have a date or start a long-term relationship, BBW dating site is your best choice.

Transsexual Women Dating tips

Transsexual dating sites are very popular these days and these trans dating sites help a lot in transsexual dating. Many men have fantasy to date a transsexual woman and they are always looking for transsexual women in clubs, bars, dating clubs and never lose a chance to date with a transsexual woman. It is believed that a transsexual woman will know exactly how to please a man in bed and this makes most of the men crazy to date a transsexual woman.

If you are dating a transgender woman for first time, there are various things that you need to take care and keep in your mind while going out for a date.

Things you should know when going out for a transsexual date:

Avoid Much Drinking – adding alcohol in your first date is something that won't create a good impression of yours. If you can't avoid drinking on your first date, than you must know your limits and won't exceed from your limit.

Won’t like to be seen publically – Come on, it's your first hookup date and you have to treat her as your girl friend or at least friend in public areas right in front of your friends or family member. If you are not comfortable with her in public areas than you are not the one who really enjoy the transsexual dating at his best.

What exactly you are looking towards your ts dating partner – It's one of the main questions that you need to ask from yourself. Are you looking a transsexual dating only for sexual pleasure or looking for long term dating? It's basically depended on you that how you are presenting yourself in your first date. Transsexual women are always looking for regular dating partner and for long term relationships as they didn't get that in their whole Trans life.

Transsexual women are always dominated by our society in terms of relationship and they always face a huge disappointments and failures in their relationship. Few of us think that transsexual women are always looking for money and sexual favors but this is not at all correct. They also want to feel that dating experience and a true love that you do with other cis women. If you want a long term relationship with a transsexual woman, than this is surely one of the best thing that you will give to a transsexual woman.

Don't take a transsexual woman as granted on your first date – You are dating with a transsexual woman and it’s your first date. So, don’t make any assumptions on your first date and never take transsexual woman as granted. First date is only to know each other better and spend some quality time with each other so that you can know each other and make yourself comfortable and like spending time together. Never ask for any sex favors right on your first date unless you talk about this before while going on your first date.

It is advised to give time for all your personal or sexual desires and help your relationship to grow and the bonding between you too will be the best you ever experience in your life.

True stories from transgender people

There are some true stories from transgender people, maybe you we can learn something from them.

I was born on August 2, 1993 as the youngest child of 8 siblings. When I was about 4-5 years old, my sisters would dress me up and put make op on me. Didn't know if it was right or wrong, all I knew was I was never comfortable with it. I got my first "boy clothes" from my aunt and practically wore it as often as I could, I was pretty confident with my outfit, and thought it was cool. Since then, I knew I've always seen myself as a boy but never got to speak out about it. Tired to live the way people have always seen me as a girl, I was even sent to an all-girl school, and I had t grow my hair. But I was never comfortable with who I am. In 2011, I was finally decided to chop may hair off. Each step I took unknowingly, made me transition to who I've always been deep inside, all because I knew it felt right to me.

When I was 4 I just thought I was like any other boy. As I grew a little older, I started realizing I was different. For a while I believed I was just a late "developer". When I was 16, I watched a documentary about a trans guy, the way he was feeling and how he had felt flicked a switch. I am so grateful that they were all amazingly supportive, and over time this increased as they understood more and more. And as grateful and happy as I was to be on hormones, I knew I needed top surgery. The positive impact that it has had on my life and dating is indescribable.

Transgender people levi's story. I was born on Match 13th, 1991, and I was my parents' first child. I loved playing outside and using my imagination. I was always pretending to be simba and I loved dinosaurs. I was very talkative and had a lot of friends. I insisted on short haircuts, boy clothes, boy nicknames, and male pronouns. I was extremely uncooperative when people tired to make me look and behave like a girl. I prayed every night that god would change my body to look like other boys. I got my first gender identity diagnosis. I started going to extreams to hide every feminine change happening to my body at the age of 11-12, some of them caused permanent physical damage. Most of my friends were boys and I felt right in with them. 

My parents became much more insistent that I start dressing and acting like a girl. I fought with them constantly ever compromising. I started becoming desperated and very depressed. My parents had me tested for an intersex condition, and I got my second gender identity diagnosis.I became suicidal with depression when I was 15-16. I saw no possible future, and the feminine changes to my body were only getting worse. My dad and I stopped talking altogether. At 17-18, I made my painful choice to try growing my hair and wearing girl dresses. I felt like a undercover spy in girls world, I became profoundly depressed again, feeling I'd lost my entire identity. I cut my hair and started dressing like a guy again. Then I started testosterone and had surgery. Within months, the world's perception changed and my ability to function in life became possible again. I was confident, happy, and hopeful for the first time in over a decade.

Makeup Tips for Transgender People to Look More Passable

Why should I look passable? This question is often asked by many transgender women. Why can't I just be who I want to be and wear what I like? It is very true that we should always stick to presenting our true self. However, for transgender people, the situation is a little bit different. According to the data, 1 in 15 transgender people are killed every year in America. The data is quite shocking. There are many haters everywhere. You don't know when you will be their next target. Therefore, our purpose is to alive. What can you do if you lost your life? You can do nothing. To keep us alive, we have to follow some hetero-normative beauty standards. We have no choice but to follow. We are not living in a utopia. Now, we are going to share some tips and advice on how to look passable for transgender women.

First, learn how to do makeup. Some trans women never do makeup, while some others did it too much. Both groups can be easily clocked and found out for being a trans dating partner. There are some differences between men and women in terms of appearance. Men usually have very rough facial skin, unshaped facial outline, very bushy eyebrows and so on. For women, their skin tends to be softer and smoother. Their eyebrows are finer. By wearing makeup, we can hide our defects and exemplify out merits. That is also what makeup is all about. We need to wear makeup. While for some transgender women, they realize that makeup is essential. But they go over too much, Wear bright eye shadows, very bright lipsticks no matter the color fits or not, super dark contour, etc. They may think this is what they think of beauty, although it is the opposite of passable. But as I mentioned above, we have to take our life danger into consideration. This essay is about how to look passable. So I am going to teach you how to do a passable makeup.

You don't have to do a whole package, such as eyeliner, eye shadow, blusher and etc. But at least you have to do some foundation, mascara, eyebrows, highlight, lipstick, etc. It depends on your situations. If your eyebrows are very thin, you have to spend some time to draw them. Draw eyebrows may not be very easy. It takes time. But just keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. You will get there eventually. If your face outline is not very feminine, then you should use contour. Find some makeup tutorials online and learn how to do contour. Do not overdo it. If you think your eyes is not big enough, you can use some eyeliners and eye shadow to exemplify them. It can be very useful.

Makeup is vital for women, especially for transgender women. It is a very good way to look passable and more feminine. Such a good method should be used by every transgender women. Having a pretty and passable appearance can also benefit your hookup relationship and life.

Threesome, With friends? Or Stranger?

I am sitting in the living room and watching Friends. Joey and Monica are having dinner with Joey's ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend. They are planning to break them up and keep one part for each of themselves. I was thinking, if they are not looking for serious relationship, how about they just have a foursome together. However, Joey and Monica are friends. Maybe one person shouldn't have sex with friends, which brings me an idea: Is it okay if I ask my friend for a threesome?

Some people would think that having couples dating with friends is actually better than with some stranger. There are lots of people get sexually transmitted diseases (STD) from having sex with strangers, which is called one-night-stand, or promiscuity. It is true that having threesome with friends are safe for the sake of health. At least, the chances are low that our friends don’t care our health and have sex with us regardless of her/his diseases. Besides, there are lots of examples of people getting robbed or even violated by stranger after they are about to go to bed together. Quite a number of these cases happen every year. What is more, the familiarity and mental bond between friends are stronger than that of stranger. Maybe the experience will be a lot more comfortable when with friends. Also, when you are having threesome hookup with your friends, you can be more open and relaxed.

However, some people don't agree. They choose to find a threesome partner from dating apps. They can't even imagine have threesome with their friends. They are afraid that if they do, their friendship may change and become impure. Your relationship will become complicated. You are both friend and also sex partner. In the meantime, having threesome with friends is awkward. Some people even feel that it is possible that your partner would cheat on you with your friends, because they get to meet so many times after threesome. It is believed love will grow in time. You are risking to lose your friend and your partner. If you choose to have threesome with a stranger, there will be no such risks. You probably only get to see each other for one time. After that, you may never meet him/her again. It is safer for the sake of your relationship with your partner. Besides, the idea of one-night-stand may enable you to behave more freely and boldly. You are more willing to express your desire and preference. You may get to have a better time than with friends.

After so much said, are you determined who you are going to invite to threesome?

Dating tips for big beautiful women looking for dating partner online

Do you really think that being a BBW isn’t that good and you never find a curvy dating partner of your own choice? Is it really hard to find a dating partner when you are a BBW woman? Answer to these questions is a big NO, and it won’t be that bad to be a BBW woman. There are men that only like to date a BBW woman and for that reason, there are BBW online dating websites that helps them to find a BBW woman to whom they can date. But before finding a date, you have to accept that BBW isn’t that bad and you love yourself, no matter what other talks about you. You have to accept yourself as a BBW and believe in you that you are beautiful in your own way and it really doesn’t matter what other talks or think about you and your physical appearance.

Here are few tips for BBW woman while dating online. If you are looking for a date via online hookup sites, you must read these tips and implement them while looking for a date. Here are the tips for BBW women looking for online dating partner.

You must know about your likes and dislike and exactly knows what kind of dating partner you are looking for – it is important that you must know about yourself and what exactly you want in your dating partner. Once you know what you want, it becomes easy to find perfect dating partner for yourself from millions of profiles.
Be honest and loyal while dating online – it is advised that not do enter any wrong information, interests or like/dislikes about yourself in your profile or never say anything lie while chatting with your dating partner. You must be honest while describing yourself to anyone when it comes to dating.

Find what’s common in between you two – when you are looking your perfect dating partner online, the very first thing you need to know is - Is something common in between you two or not? If yes, than it surely helps to know each other better. It is important to find something common in you and your dating partner. It surely helps in your dating to go for long and understand each other views and experiences.

Online dating like threesome dating and bbw dating are for fun and enjoyment, never take it too seriously until you are quite sure about your dating partner - yes, when you are looking someone via online dating sites, there are multiple profiles you can connect simultaneously and many will contact you back via text. It doesn’t mean that you have to take each profile seriously. For few people, online dating is only for fun and enjoyment or one of the best platforms to spend time when you are getting bored or have free time. So, it is advised, don’t be serious about anyone and disclose your personal or private information to anyone until you are very sure about your dating.