3rder Can Help Us Get What We Want

My husband and I had known each other for a long time when we were kids. Ten years ago, we started to date and everything is pretty good when we are together. So, we decided to get married three years ago. After our marriage, we lived a normal life.

One day, my husband went out with one of his best friend to have fun. And when he came home, he asked me whether I could agree to have a three way with them. He told me that his friend said it was just for fun. And he thought it would spicy our relationship up. I wasn’t sure about it because I knew that his friend is fancied me for a while. I didn’t know why my husband would be convinced to allow him to join us in the bed. For our marriage, I refused to have a three way with this guy and promised that we could find someone for a three way on a threesome app. Of course, he agreed with me.

Then we downloaded a couples dating app named 3Somer and placed a profile as a couple. It didn’t go well at first since the design of this threesome hookup app was complicated and we didn’t know how to get started. After figuring it out, we nearly lost our passion to find a 3rd partner. So, we just randomly chose one girl and invite her to a hotel room to have a threesome with us. It didn’t meet our need. My husband didn’t like her. And I was not a bisexual. So, the process wasn’t as good as we thought it would be. In the end, that girl left awkwardly and even angrily. But it wasn’t our fault.

After that, we reconsidered our plan and realized that 3Somer wasn’t good for us. So, we started to check other feeld app in this market. 3rder came into our sight. We have done a research on it and decided to join it to find a woman for a couple. We created a personal profile and started to browse others’ profiles. I have to say that 3rder is much easier than 3Somer and it works better than any dating apps that we’ve used. Soon, we met a woman and my husband kinda liked her. In order to avoid any awkward moment when we are having a three way, we chatted for a while before it about some rules and boundaries. It turned out that a greater dating app for married couples and a talk could really make a threesome more successful.