How to Interact with Transgender People without Offence

Be careful with questions you ask. You might have many questions and curiosities in your mind about transgender people, such as transition, medical treatment, gender reassignment surgeries, their old life, etc. That does not mean you should get all the answers from them. Asking things related to their past and gender will be considered and rude and impolite in transgender dating. If you do not know what questions you should not ask them, here is advise for you:

You should not ask their birth name, especially do not refer to it as the "real name".
Do not ask them about their hormone replacement therapy.
Do not ask them if they have done the surgeries.
Do not ask questions about their bedroom life.

Their gender identity is usually something private. Just because someone told you that he/she is a transgender does not mean they want to tell you all about their life. Many transgender people choose to remain their gender identity as a secret, because in fact, admitting they are transgender could cause threatening to their normal life or even safety. After all, the society is still not lenient enough for transgender people. It could get them fired or abused. Some of them just simply do not prefer to share this information. You can't decide who is entitled to know their gender identity or how much should they share. Some transgender people might don't mind telling you that he/she is transgender, while in regards to medical issues, they only keep it to their close friends. Also, maybe a transgender person told you something about themselves, but that does not make it okay for you to tell someone else.

Lose the stereotype people have toward transgender people and praise them in the right way. Such mistakes can easily be made by many people in trans dating. They intend to compliment transgender people and make them feel better about themselves, but it ends up hurting them. Here are the sentences you should prevent using:
You look like a real woman! I would never know you are a transgender if you didn't tell me.
If you had worn a wig or done your hair better, you will look so much better.
No real men would wear such clothes. If you don't want other people to know that you are a trans, you should change it.
I would hookup date her even he is a trans.

Here are three tips I would like to tell you about how to interact with transgender people. If you could have a little more patience and respect, you will find that transgender people are actually very considerate, generous and easy to get along with. They just pretend to be strong and indifferent to protect themselves from hurting feelings. Once you are accepted by them, they will return you times of good.