How to Turn Casual Dating into A Serious Relationship? - Part 2

Step 4. Be creative and active

From casual dating to falling in love with each other, come up with interesting dates. It should not be just ordinary dinners in restaurants, but something more creative. A good adult dating relationship is to force you to stop chatting online. Let's put your phone on the table, and spend time with each other. Sometimes, it is worth trying something less trivial. Let you out of the usual comfort zone. Take part in some activities, visit concerts, or go roller skating in the amusement park. The new adventure enriches the common impression and can be remembered in the future. This strengthens the connection between you two will increase your feelings with each other. In addition, you can learn a lot from the idea of serious date. For example, if she invites you to visit an exhibition and hope you are a fan contemporary art, then she obviously wants to make you happy, which is a good sign.

Step 5. Add some conspiracy

Even if you are waiting for her phone, you don't need to be available for her at any time. You need to make her take you seriously and let her realize your value. If you always be available for her, she will take it as granted. Add some conspiracy to your plan to make her want something more from you. Wait a few minutes before replying to her message, or if she asks if you are available on Sunday, you can tell her that you have other plans, but you will be happy to see her on Saturday. This will make her realize that your time is precious and she will try to adjust for you. However, don't flirt with her.

Step 6. Just be independence

When you finally meet your dream lover, it is tempting to sacrifice part of yourself. However, there is no need to do that. Trying to be different is so transparent and boring. With or without her, you better have your own interest and show her how great your life is. By the way, this is very important in casual dating and serious relationship. Even if she wants to have casual time, you still have to jog on the weekend. Don't expect her to stop shopping to meet you. The more she believes that your life is very fascinating, the more she wants to be a part of your life.

Step 7. Express your feelings

There is a delicate line between playing "hard to get" and showing total indifference. For example, when you are having dinner with your friend finder, then stop checking your phone. This is a date and you need to focus on her. Listen to her, get to know each other. Besides you need to let her know that you care about her. Ask her about daily life. Show how important it is to you. A woman appreciates and wants to be with someone who makes her feel great and important. If you can make her world better and make her feel that she is the smartest, most beautiful, and most amazing person, she will want to be close to such a man.