The second step to attract girls: Behavioral value

Last time we talked about the first step to get a girls attraction is to improve the visual value of yourself. So enough about the appearance talk before you take this as a superficial blogger on best free dating apps.

The second category is behavioral value. If visual value is what determines a woman's first impression of you and leads her to the first stage "attracted by appearance", then behavioral value is what makes a woman decide to get closer to you.

So what is behavioral value? You can think of it simply as "what value do you create with your actions" -- your "talent." It can be a talent and it can be an ability. For example, if a girl likes to listen to Adele's songs, and you can sing it very well, then your behavior value is very high when you are pursuing her or trying to have tinder hookup, take her to a bar or night club where you can borrow the stage and sing. Or invite her to your place and play guitar or piano for her. If she is not a dating type, then this one night is definitely your lucky night.

Similar to the previous example of listening to a song, you need to find out the girl's interests. But there are some universal traits that women find very attractive, and you can start developing them now: Social intuition, sense of humor, confidence, dancing, etc.

Almost every word in this can be expanded into a separate chapter. You can find the teaching lessons from Youtube or you can spend some money to hire a professional to teach you, but only under the circumstance that you are interested in this online tinder for hookups field.

As long as you decide to learn a new skill, I must advice more on this learning subject. Start can be easy, but perseverance can be very hard. Before you decide to learn, make sure it’s not a three minutes passion. You are going to stick to it for years or even a lifetime. Make sure you really love this.

I still remember I firstly started to learn piano. I really love it. Whenever I heard someone playing piano, I just wanted to stop and listen where ever I am, even at the door of a bathroom. Whenever I heard a good song, I felt like my soul is elevated and it went along with the notes – up up and then down. So I started to learn. In the first half of year, I would practice 4 hours a day after work. My life was filled by work and piano and I enjoyed it very much.

But after that period of time, my passion gradually went down. Firstly to 2 hours a day and then to 3 times a week and then to once a week. Therefore, you can see, even the most passionate passion can die. At this time, you need to intentionally force yourself to stick to it and that’s what I am doing to myself now. Travel is a better way than to read. So just pick one hobby and get on the road!