Several tips for hookup hunters and relationship hunters

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by girls when they meet a guy. What is his intention towards me? Hookup or serious relationship? Sometimes, it can be a little hard to tell the difference between the two type of guys – those want to tinder hookup and those want relationships. Here are several tips:

How he acts towards you when you are in a crowd of people? Guys are very used to take initiative when they really like someone, unlike girls which are more inclined to hold back feelings. If a guy is really into you, they wouldn't care what other people think of them and they wouldn't hide their feelings towards you, whereas for guys who are more into one night stand, they won't show off such feelings, at least not in front of a crowd of people, because they are cutting off other options if they do so. Therefore, if you find a guy is holding himself back towards you when you are surrounded by many people, do not make any excuse for him that he might be shy or he might just be that type of people who don't used to take initiative. Let's face it, he is just not that into you.

Did he ever talk to his friends about you? I know many guys are not that type of person who would share such things with their friends, but some guys do. Just like girls, guys also want some advice from their friends about how to chase a girl or just to share something funny about you. If you happen to know you are talked about by him and his friends, then this is definitely a good indication shows he really wants to have a relationship with you.

How does he usually compliment you? Just look back and see what he usually compliment you about. If he mainly focuses on your appearance, for example, you are so hot and sexy today. You have some nice eyes. That's some nice butts, especially if he compliments on your private part, then he definitely wants to hook up dating instead of having a relationship. However, if he focuses more on your personality, then there is chance that he might into you more than just being attracted to you physically.

What do you usually do when you spend time with each other? The most obvious sign to tell is the place where you hang out. Is it usually outdoor or indoor? If you usually go to his apartment or him go to yours, watching TV, cuddling, etc, then he might be probably only into hooking up with you. But if he takes you out for some fun activities to get to know more about you, the best of all, you do have a good time together, then it might be something more serious.

These are the signs I gather from guys to tell if he is really interested in getting to know you or just wanting to hookup. Just bare them in mind. The next time you meet someone, make a good use of them.